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Anjenette Holmes, Ph.D., Ed.S.

Anjenette Holmes, Ph.D., Ed.S., Education Specialist
Phone: 337-482-1095

Ph.D. in Human Sciences and Education
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA – 2019

M.S. in Applied Life Science (Child & Family Studies)
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA – 2005

B.S. in Applied Life Sciences (Child & Family Studies)
University of Southwestern Louisiana
Lafayette, Louisiana – 1999

Center Duties:
Complete the articulation of the three approved courses across the LDOE Early Childhood Learning Standards; Develop necessary enrollment, tracking, and exiting forms for APTR CDA program and assist Picard Staff to build an effective interactive dashboard and portal by which candidates track learning progress; Complete the activities/lectures/content/assignments/syllabus/capstone and distance learning modifications for Course 1 Professional Foundations; Assist with the design of a successful marketing campaign for the APTR CDA program; Build a network of all eligible providers within the catchment area by identifying leadership and candidates within each program; Visit with community and providers in the catchment area to deliver brochures and answer questions, and recruit candidates; Assist with the recruitment and training of seven expert coaches from across the region; Assist in recruiting a steering committee of one member from each community within the catchment area; Maintain an up-to-date inventory of electronic information for students.

Professional Background:
Holmes is a Curriculum and Instruction Education Specialist, holding an Education Specialist Certificate from Louisiana State University with a focus in early childhood education. She is a certified higher-ed online instructor through the Online Learning Consortium, Louisiana Pathways trainer for early childhood teachers, and a reliable Teachstone CLASS observer (Toddlers/Pre-K). Currently, Holmes is a doctoral candidate at Louisiana State University in the College of Human Sciences and Education. Holmes has held various leadership, management, and supervisory roles in the education field in the private, non-profit, and public sectors. She has been a pre-K teacher in addition to three years of higher-ed teaching experience. Her areas of interest include working with adults who care for and teach children, focusing on early childhood teacher sensitivity, parenting styles, and the role an educational organization plays in shaping teacher behavior and attitudes towards children. Holmes is passionate about the role adults play in shaping children's lives during childhood through adulthood and how adults interact with children, shaping a child's personality and social/emotional development and functioning. At the Picard Center, Holmes is eager to assist the Acadiana region in providing quality experiences for young children.