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Parish Prekindergarten Reports

High-quality early childhood education consistently and positively impacts the academic and developmental success of at-risk children, both reducing retention rates and special education placements and increasing student achievement on the iLEAP and LEAP exams.

Yet with many of Louisiana’s children entering day care at a later age, it is crucial to know how the children in your district’s prekindergarten programs are performing in preparation for kindergarten, as well as the outcomes of the programs. Is performance consistent across all programs? How are your district’s PreK students performing in comparison to the national average?


The Picard Center can work with you to gather high-quality, in-depth data on your district’s prekindergarten programs and compile a customized report on program outcomes, including LA 4, Title I, and 8(g) and any other initiatives in your district.

Why This Data are Important

Making data-driven decisions has never been more critical, as districts are struggling with budget and program cuts and having to justify a program’s merit.

Collecting, tracking and evaluating your prekindergarten data can ensure the continuation of your district’s programs, maintain accountability requirements with No Child Left Behind and Title I reporting, and help to ensure that professional development is meeting your goals. Our reports will give you more time to devote to other tasks and help you share your program’s success with your board and community.

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