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Megan Bergeron, M.S.

Megan Bergeron, M.S., Compliance/Budget Officer
Phone: 337-482-0505

Ph.D. in Applied Language and Speech Sciences (currently pursuing)
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Lafayette, LA – 2021 (anticipated)

M.S. in Biological Sciences
Clemson University
Clemson, South Carolina – 2017

B.S. in Biological Sciences
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana – 2006

Center Duties:
Responsible for ensuring that all Picard grant proposals and projects are compliant with sponsor, University, state, and federal guidelines; maintaining communication on pending issues with both pre-award and post-award offices; ensuring all changes to regulations and OMB Circulars are being followed in all pending and approved contracts; assisting project directors in preparing and developing budgets, grant proposals, contracts, amendments, and sub-award agreements in accordance with University policies and procedures; providing project directors with support for developing proposal narratives, work plans, budgets, proposals, and contracts; meeting with project directors monthly to discuss budget and compliance issues on all current and pending projects; accurately monitoring and forecasting revenues and expenditures to identify potential funding issues; monitoring and reporting on departmental metrics in terms of operational effectiveness and performance on all grant activities; ensuring funded research and evaluation projects are aligned with the Picard Center’s mission and goals; finding funding opportunities and assists in the development of collaborative research efforts; developing and implementing dissemination tools for funding opportunities, current projects, and news-worthy or scholarly activities at the Center; and assisting in maintaining the public relations of the Picard Center.

Professional Background:
Megan has nearly eight years of cumulative experience in research administration at a doctoral-granting institution with Higher Research Activity. She has served as a research administrator at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, first as a pre-award administrator in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs under the Vice President for Research, then moving up into the role of Senior Pre-Award Administrator in the same office. Currently, she is the Compliance/Budget Officer at the Picard Center, overseeing research administration and compliance for a team of active investigators in the areas of early childhood development and education; early language, literacy and cognitive development; and health, well-being and quality of life studies. She also provides guidance to investigators in project development, data collection and analysis, and project management (including programmatic, administrative, and fiscal oversight).