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Picard Child & Family Resource Center

Housed within the Cecil J. Picard Center for Child Development & Lifelong Learning is the Child & Family Resource Center, a laboratory for child development. The Child & Family Resource Center is dedicated to helping parents encourage their children’s future academic development. Activities center on family play and methods that make teaching and learning fun. In this way, the Picard Center helps bridge the gap between research and family. 

Executive Director, Dr. Karen Burstein, came to the Picard Center in July 2015, and with her she brought child development toys and thousands of wonderful children’s books, all of which are embedded in early childhood research. By September 2015, the 1500 sq. ft. Child & Family Resource Center opened with over 25,000 books, toys, technology items and materials to enhance parents’ skills in child development.

Good research does good. -Karen Burstein

Beginning in January 2016, the Center began hosting parenting classes, parent play groups, story time, drop-in days, and teacher in-services. Each event focuses on key indicators of child development such as social and emotional wellbeing, language and cognitive development, and physical development, including healthy eating through meal planning and snacks, language development through sharing stories and reading, social and emotional development through creative and imaginary play, and healthy physical development through physical play.

Now Open!

The Picard Center's Child & Family Resource Library is open for Story Time and Guided Play. We will have guided reading, writing, and art activities. Mark your calendar for the last Thursday of the month from 3-5 p.m. and be sure to follow us on Facebook for event reminders and info! 

Please note, space is limited so RSVP is required! 

Coming Soon!

  • Family Literacy Story Time 
  • NFP New Mom’s Group 
  • Friends in Foster Care
  • NSA Group 
  • Toddler Play Group 
  • Get Ready for School (4 yr. olds)

For more information:

Please contact Nicole Bourque
Phone: 337-482-2972