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ACEs Research

The UL Lafayette ACEs Task Force

The UL Lafayette ACEs Task Force is an interdisciplinary group of professionals who recognize and respond to the impact of trauma and adversity on learning and health within the University and the Acadiana region and will create a trauma-informed community through education research, policy and advocacy.

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)?

ACEs include physical and emotional abuse and neglect, caregiver mental illness or substance use, and household challenges that occur during childhood. Adverse experiences can also include poverty and community violence. These adversities can lead to negative effects on short and long-term physical health, mental health, and social outcomes, including conditions that are associated with Louisiana’s low health and educational rankings. There are many opportunities to build resilience and to reduce the effects of childhood adversity. We believe that education, research, and advocacy about ACEs can help Louisiana improve the health and well-being of Louisiana’s children and families.

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