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From pre-kindergarten to postsecondary education, education has the power to open minds and opportunities for individuals by creating a knowledgeable and skilled society, which in turns stimulates our economy, strengthens our global competitiveness and improves our overall quality of life.

The Picard Center recognizes the value and importance of education, and this topic was the first to be studied upon the Center’s establishment.

The Picard Center provides research and evaluation on programs from cradle to career. This includes prekindergarten programs such as LA 4 and their longitudinal effects on LEAP and iLEAP scores, kindergarten-grade retention, and special education placement. We also research Louisiana’s high school dropout crisis and explore best-practice programs for increasing the state’s graduation rate.

Experts at our Center also provide external research and evaluation for Louisiana’s literacy efforts, Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) initiative, before- and after-school programs and more.