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Current Projects

High-quality research and program evaluation define the core of the work conducted at the Picard Center.

It has been said that decisions without data are merely guesses. Indeed, making data-driven decisions has never been more critical than the present time, as state agencies and school districts are struggling with budget and program cuts and having to justify a program’s merit.

Our rigorous research and evaluations are performed on programs that range from early childhood through the workforce, covering academic, social-emotional and health programs. The Center uses scientific methods to gather qualitative and quantitative data on each program.

The Picard Center blends expertise in education, health, quality of life and workforce with expertise in data management and analysis to provide the most complete and objective appraisal of a program. The results are then shared with program sponsors and participants honestly, with the intent that the information will be useful and used by the program for continuous improvement.


We are always working diligently to stay at the forefront of research to better the lives of children and adults across Acadiana and the U.S.

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