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Presentations & Conferences

2019 Presentations

Zeanah, P.D. & Lin, H-C. (2019, February). A perspective from Louisiana. Panel presentation in W. Robiner (Chair). Prescriptive authority: Poison pill or positive push for psychologists? Association of Psychologists in Academic Health Centers Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Zeanah, P.D. (2019, January-February). The challenges and opportunities for home visitors. Plenary panel presentation, D. Willis (Chair). Promoting maternal mental wellbeing and resilience in the face of trauma: The science, interventions, and policy implications for the field of home visiting. National Home Visiting Summit, Washington, DC.

2018 Presentations

Zeanah, P.D. (2018, November). Clinical and ethical issues in infant mental health. Workshop presented to Southwest Human Development Harris Infant Mental Health Fellows and community mental health professionals, Phoenix, AZ.

Zeanah, P.D. (2018, November). Infant mental health: What do I need to know? What do I need to do? Keynote address presented to the Arkansas Home Visiting Network Annual Educational Conference, Hot Springs, AR.

Zeanah, P. & Yates, A. L. (2018, October). Opportunities for understanding and responding to adversity: Insights from the ACE studies. Workshop presented to the statewide Together We Can Annual Conference, Lafayette, LA.

Zeanah, P. (2018, October). Overview of ACEs and implications for Louisiana’s health. Presented to the Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and their implications for health, a Continuing Nursing Education program sponsored by the University of Louisiana College of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Lafayette, LA.

Zeanah, P., Gasbarro, M., & Beeber, L. (2018, October). Nurse-Family Partnership maternal Mental health innovation: Development and implementation. In C. Oser (Chair), panel presentation, Nursing research, practice, applications, and training in 0-3: The 2nd Annual Kathryn Barnard Legacy Session presented to the Zero to Three Annual Conference, Denver, CO.

Zeanah, P. (2018, September). ACEs: Implications for psychologists. Presented to the Crescent City Area Psychology Society, New Orleans, LA.

Franklin, E., Frankel, R., Grand, A., & Zeanah, P. (2018, September). Immigration, asylum, and separation of families: A campus conversation. Panel discussion, Constitution Day, University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Zeanah, P.D. (2018, May). A Check-In on Well-Baby Check-Ups: What can we learn about infant mental health during routine primary care visits? Discussant for N. Racine, Chair, symposium presented at the 16th Congress of the World Association of Infant Mental Health, Rome, Italy.

Zeanah, P. & Luis-Yates, A. (2018, April). Opportunities for understanding and responding to adversity: Insights from the ACE studies. Seminar presented to the 11th Annual Louisiana Parent Educator Network/MIECHV Summit, Lafayette, LA.

Zeanah, P. & Burstein, K. (2018, April). Protection and resilience in early childhood settings. Presented to the Child Care Health Consultants Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, LA.

Zeanah, P. (2018, April). Under-age drinking: What’s the problem? Presented to University of Louisiana’s Ignite program focusing on Substance Use, Lafayette, LA.

Brown, A.L., Lin, H.-C., Li, M. & Zeanah, P. (2018, May). Various forms of childhood maltreatment predict sexual assault among female and male college students. Poster presented at the 30th Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science, San Francisco, CA.

Lin, H-C., Zeanah, P.D., & Jeffrey, E. (2018, May). Prediction of parenting stress by maternal symptoms above and beyond child behavior problems. Poster presented at the 16th Congress of the World Association of Infant Mental Health, Rome, Italy.

Zeanah, P. (2018, November). Adverse childhood experiences. In G. Gillespie and N. Rachat (Hosts). Living Well in the Big Easy. New Orleans, LA: WHIV 102.3 FM.

Fossey, R. (2018, November 9). "Publishing for Tenure and Professional Development." Presented at the annual meeting of Education Law Association, Cleveland, Ohio.

Burstein, Karen; Paula Zeanah, Jing Chen. "DRIP! Data Rich Information Poor: Linking Questions to the Right Data Sources. Presentation. 22, March 2018. Baton Rouge, LA.

2017 Presentations

Zeanah, P. & Hasha, M. (2017, November). Adverse childhood experiences. In P. Cross (Host), Bayou to the Beltway, Lafayette, LA: KRVS 88.7 FM.

Burstein, Karen; Anjenette, Holmes. "Head to Toe: Parents as Partners for the Best Assessment of Young Children." 2017 Together We Can Conference. Presentation. 07-09, November 2017. Lafayette, LA.

Burstein, Karen, Kara Farmer-Primeaux, Alisha Bourque. "Looking For Evidence: Third-Party CLASS Observations." 2017 Teacher Leader Summit. Presentation. 06-07 June 2017. New Orleans, LA.

2016 Presentations

Biggar, Ray, Jing Chen, Craig Forsyth. "Building a Data System to Evaluate The Prosecutor's Early Intervention Program (PEIP)." American Evaluation Association. Presentation. 29 October 2016. Atlanta, GA.