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The Picard Center is thrilled by another strong showing in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Research Recognition Awards!

Professor Paula Zeanah, Research Excellence Award for 2019-20 recognizing her exceptional scholarship in her home Co

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UL Lafayette celebrates research excellence with faculty recognition

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette honored faculty Feb. 11 during an annual ceremony for research excellence.

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Welcome to the team!

Welcome to our new grad assistant and our new student workers for the Spring 2022 semester. 

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The Picard Center is now in the spring phase of the 2017-18 CLASS™ observation schedule. This spring, the CLASS-ACT team continues to conduct toddler and pre-kindergarten CLASS™ observations in early childhood settings across the State of Louisiana. In addition to the regularly assigned observations, the Picard Center is conducting a small infant pilot to assess the quality of teacher-infant interactions in childcare centers. To date, the Picard Center completion rate is over fifty-eight percent and the CLASS-ACT team is on target to reach their goal of conducting 3,860 CLASS™ observations by May 2018.