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Picard Center to install Noldus lab

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In the month of July, the Picard Center will have a state-of-the-art Noldus lab installed in the Child & Family Resource Library. Noldus Information Technology develops and delivers innovative software and hardware solutions and services for the measurement and analysis of behavior. Using the Noldus lab, researchers will be able to advance their research, training, and education.

This lab will feature three microphones, ten cameras, and powerful software for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data. Specifically, the software, Observer XT, in conjunction with the Noldus equipment, will allow for accurate and quantitative behavior coding; for video, audio, and eye tracking; for the calculation of physio- and biometrics; and for reliable statistical analysis. The Noldus lab can be used for research in Psychology, Education, User-Experience (usability testing, gaming, simulation, and virtual reality), Healthcare, Human Factors (human-robot interaction, ergonomics), Consumer Behavior, and much more. This lab will be the only one of its kind in Louisiana, and the Center plans to host a soft-opening and training sessions for those who are interested in using it for their research.

The first training session will be held Tuesday, August 15th at the Picard Center from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. All are invited to attend, but space is limited so please RSVP to Nicole Bourque by Wednesday, August 9th.