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The Leader In Me Evaluation Project

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The Picard Center is thrilled by another strong showing in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Research Recognition Awards!

Professor Paula Zeanah, Research Excellence Award for 2019-20 recognizing her exceptional scholarship in her home Co

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UL Lafayette celebrates research excellence with faculty recognition

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette honored faculty Feb. 11 during an annual ceremony for research excellence.

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Welcome to the team!

Welcome to our new grad assistant and our new student workers for the Spring 2022 semester. 

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The Picard Center has completed the first phase of evaluations for the United Way of Acadiana's The Leader in Me (TLIM) project. TLIM is based on Franklin Covey’s whole school transformation program, which focuses on teaching leadership and life-skills to create a culture of individual student empowerment. In Acadiana, TLIM program was initially implemented at two schools in Lafayette Parish in 2009--Judice Middle School and Plantation Elementary. TLIM program has expanded to 35 schools across Acadiana and to 3,269 schools worldwide. Drs. Steven Dick and Karen Burstein used publicly available data to look for changes in school-wide behavior. The team found significant increases in standardized test scores like DIBELS and LEAP. The second phase of the study has started as the team prepares to examine changes on the school level. More detailed student level data will be analyzed going beyond academic to include behaviors such as truancy and tardiness. The team will observe classrooms in both TLIM and select comparison schools. The ultimate goal is to understand how the program affects behavior and improves school climate.